Workshop11 completed

Digital Design & Research - workshop 11
Workshop11 completed

The Digital Design & Research – workshop11 has now been completed and with great results! 15 students participated and acquired skills necessary to use new digital design methods and software.

This year’s workshop was a part of a continuum of workshops, held at the University of Oulu, architectural department since 2008. This year the workshop focused on the use of Rhino+Grasshopper in ecological architectural concept designs, where external environmental forces are used in the creation of architectural concept. The workshop participants also studied the digital design of complex steel structures and facades, and the manufacturing process of them. The results from this year’s workshop are very promising as this is the first year, this workshop has been taught using Grashhopper, previously it has been taught using Rhinoscript. Results of workshop11 will be added later to the workshops part of the portfolio page.

Workshop11 was a part of two course combination, where participants learned to use digital design methods, algorithmic thinking and parametric modeling. The first exercise focused on mapping the existing parameters of a building location and their use in the formulation of a building concept. The second exercise was to study the pavilion concept further, paying close attention to the manufacturing possibilities and modeling accuracy of the construction components in the manufacturing level . These components will be later manufactured into physical objects to test out the link between digital design and digital manufacturing.

Digital Design & Research:

Rhino+Grasshopper basics course was taught by architecture student Tuulikki Tanska.
Workshop11 was taught by architect Toni Österlund and tutored by architect Sauli Kosonen and architecture student Tuulikki Tanska.