Smart Geometry 2013 in London

Smart Geometry 2013 in London

The 10th Smart Geometry workshops and seminar were held by Bartlett/UCL in London, UK from 15th to 20th of April with the theme of “Constructiong for Uncertainty”. Smart Geometry is one of the biggest events exploring the potential of computational design, algorithm aided design methods (‘algoritminen arkkitehtuuri’) and parametric modeling. Architect Toni Österlund together with architect Tuulikki Tanska (DigiWoodLab) took part in the “Tranformational Strategies” workshop cluster by Professor Benamy Turkienicz and Volker Mueller. The Transformational Strategies cluster investigated small scale but potentially massively parallel strategies to increase sustainability and environmental resilience of London’s urban environment.

During the four-days, the workshop team of ten people, together with cluster organizers, developed a computational strategy for analyzing the potential of an urban area through different evaluation methods. This multi-dimensional data embedded within a medium-resolution point cloud was used to populate the void-space with small-scale structural units. The population of different types of units were decided through a decision tree utilizing the pre-calculated data.

The Smart Geometry 2013 workshops ended with an exhibition by all of the ten different clusters held. The telak shops and seminar were held on the final days of Smart Geometry.

(Images by the Transformational Strategies cluster team and champions: Benamy Turkienicz, Volker Mueller, Lennart Pöhls, Tiemen Strobbe, Ernesto Bueno, Eduardo Carneiro, Anne Paduart, Dominika Placek, Jake Read, Jose Ramirez, Mieke Vandenbroucke, Ola Jaensson, Robin Bentley, Tommy Hui, Toni Österlund and Tuulikki Tanska)

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