Renovation of a small kitchen
Kitchen renovation project of a small residential kitchen.

The original kitchen design was rather gloomy and dark. The refrigerator unit was situated against the living room wall, which made the visual connection between the kitchen and the living room very narrow. This made the small kitchen to appear even smaller. By re-arranging the order of the appliances and by opening a half section of the living room wall, helped to compensate for the tightness of the space. This effect was further enhanced by using light coloured materials and a simple streamlined design.

The design of this kitchen tries to minimize all visual clutter and pointy angles by introducing a concept, where the kitchen countertop is seemingly carved out of the Finnish birch tree, revealing its white inside. The functionality of the kitchen is increased by adding built-in paper roll dispenser and a hidden knife rack with magnetic holders. The paper dispenser is easy to operate with just one hand and offers a convenient, yet stylish way to dispense papers – something that is very much appreciated in a family with a small baby. There is also an integrated stepping stool, with a thickness of only 38mm when folded.

Materials and suppliers:

The counter top is 12mm white compact laminate by Formica and the backsplash is made of white laminated 6mm birch plywood. Cabinet frames are of 16mm white melamine chipboard and the visible sides of the cabinets are of 18mm and 12mm lacquered birch plywood. The doors are birch veneer by Kustavinpuu. Integrated electronic appliances are by Electrolux. The cooker hood, LED lights, stepping stool and integrated electric outlet are by Savo Design & Technic. Faucet is by Graana and sink is by Ikea.

The kitchen was manufactured and assembled by Puutyöliike Mikko Ojanen Oy.

Toni Österlund