Kirjastonpuisto stage idea competition
This is a competition entry made in collaboration with Tilatakomo Oy in Tampere. It is an invitational competition entry “Lehdet”, or ‘leaves’ in English, for the Tampere Kirjastonpuisto stage idea competition. The idea for the shape of the stage was taken from the rhythmic and aesthetic flow of the sine-wave.


The three dimensional arch is used in the creation of space and for the supporting structures of the stage. Our goal was in creating a strong, yet modern interpretation of the historical surroundings of the Kirjastonpuisto (‘Library park’). The geometry of the arch continues the round shapes of the surrounding buildings and supports the functionality of the stage for performance purposes.

The structure is based on pre-tensioned steel arches, which support secondary steel beams. The inner surfaces of the stage are covered with wood for acoustic and aesthetic purposes. The arches are a mathematical representation of a stretched circle – a three dimensional representation of a sine-wave. This creates a very harmonic arch, which can be varied through changing the diameter and length. It is based on a simple Rhinoscript I wrote.

City of Tampere
Invitational competition
Tilatakomo Oy
Architecture office Österlund