Kudos is a through-passage structure that was designed for the exhibition Generate – from algorithm to structure. It is an orbicular shape made of black and white laminated plywood coils. Adjacent coils are joined together with a notched joint which stiffens the structure. The plywood slabs are joined with hinges so that when taken apart each circle can be folded into a neat stack. The width and angle of the slabs alternate on every second coil. The zig-zag shape of the coils rotate lengthwise around the structure, creating an interesting spiral shape.
[excerpt from the Generate book]
The plywood sheets are CNC-milled with a three-axis milling machine. Each sheet contains a numerical code, defining its place on the structure. Kudos was used to present works on the Generate exhibition through LCD-displays that are hung on the structure. The assembly of Kudos was made entirely by students.

The black laminate inside the structure produces an interesting kaleidoscope-like effect, combined with the contrast of the two sides of the plywood sheets. The intention with Kudos was to produce a wondrous passage through algorithm aided architecture works. The structure itself is also a complex formation and presents itself differently according to the view angle.

“Generate” seminar and exhibition
student workshop
Sauli Kosonen
Sami Logren
Olli Metso
Ville Rautiainen
Tuulikki Tanska
Toni Österlund