Liminka roundabout environmental art competition
The competition was held by the city of Liminka in collaboration with the University of Oulu, architectural department. I won the competition with my entry “Juuret”, or ‘roots’ in English. The work is based on a structural presentation of an old sturdy tree. The form of the tree is easily recognizable and the lace-like structure gives it unique identity as an environmental art piece. It is a representation of the forward going attitude of the city of Liminka that still has not forgotten its past – its “roots”.


The structure system is based on an L-system script made for the Ligna-pavillion and it uses same connection details. It consists of individual wooden beams that are joined together with wooden peg joints reinforced with steel bars. The structure is generated on top of a base surface that gives the structure its form. All the information needed for manufacturing and milling purposes are enclosed within the digital three-dimensional computer model, which can be digitally transferred to production.

The structure will be manufactured out of timber, utilizing state-of-the-art CNC-milling. The wood is then charcoaled for better durability against harsh weather conditions, which closes the cells rendering the surface tight and waterproof.


The art piece will be lit from inside, so that the inner trunk is bathing with light. It will create a dramatic three-dimensional effect. The small water pool at the base of the tree will also be lit, but near by the surface so that it gives a glowing, almost magical effect to the pool. With the help of the lighting, the art work will effectively rise as the focal point of the main road and as a centerpiece of the city, even in the darkest times of the year.

City of Liminka
Student competition
1st prize
Toni Österlund