Architecture Office Österlund is now called Geometria Architecture Ltd.

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We empower architects, designers, engineers, constructors and manufacturers to realise their complex design goals, by utilising the cutting edge of digital technologies. We help you to make your ideas come to life.

Because current design tools allow for the design of complex shapes with ease – we solve the real-world technical limitations. We offer solutions in computational design, precision parametric modeling, geometric optimisation and CAM fabrication. Allowing you to design with confidence.


Mahdollistamme arkkitehteja, muotoilijoita, insinöörejä, rakennuttajia sekä valmistajia toteuttamaan monimuotoisia suunnittelutavoitteitaan, hyödyntämällä digitaalisen suunnittelun kehityksen terävintä kärkeä. Autamme tekemään ideoistasi todellisuutta.

Koska nykyisten suunnittelutyökalujen avulla voidaan helposti suunnitella monimuotoisia muotoja – niin me ratkaisemme niiden toteutuksen tekniset rajoitteet. Tarjoamme ratkaisuja algoritmiavusteiseen suunnitteluun, tarkkaan parametriseen mallintamiseen, geometrian optimointiin sekä CAM-pohjaiseen tuotantoon. Annamme varmuutta suunnitteluun.

We provide services in:



  • Architectural design
  • Algorithm aided design in realising non-standard architecture
  • Custom design algorithm development for your design goals
  • Precision 3D parametric modeling
  • Integrated design processes via IFC transfer of BIM and structural models
  • Custom design tool development


  • Rationalisation and optimisation of free form surfaces and structures
  • Material rationalisation and optimisation of complex geometry


  • Precision modeling of non-standard elements
  • Production of CAM fabrication data
  • Meeting your production needs through our network of fabrication experts
  • Prototype 3D-printing


  • We conduct innovative research in order to stay in the cutting edge and to overcome technological limitations
  • Novel product development that implements our years of experience and research know-how


  • On-site training in the field of algorithm aided design and parametric modeling

We work with:

Architects & Designers

  • Empowering designers to realise their complex design goals
  • Developing customised digital design tools
  • Supporting the design of non-standard architecture


  • Fast design iterations through parametric modeling and BIM
  • Rationalisation and optimisation of complex geometries
  • Creation of CAM fabrication data

Constructors & Manufacturers

  • Increase productivity through optimisation and integrated design processes
  • Simplifying the design and production
  • Confidence in realising non-standard architecture

Clients & Partners



Toni Österlund

Toni Österlund

M.Sc. (Architecture)

Toni Österlund is an architect interested with the possibilities of digital fabrication, algorithm aided design methods and implementing natural processes in architecture. Österlund is also a founding member and part of the Digital Design & Research group of young architects and architecture students teaching and researching the future possibilities on utilizing new digital design methods and parametric modeling in Finnish architecture.Toni Österlund was awarded (with a colleague) the 2012 Pietilä Award, which is granted by the Rakennustietosäätiö [Building Information Foundation] in recognition of the remarkable work done in reforming Finnish architecture, and the 2014 Bryggman award granted by the Finnish Association of Architects (SAFA) and the Bryggman foundation. Österlund teaches algorithm aided design at two universities; the University of Oulu and the Tampere University of Technology. He has held several workshops and lectures on algorithmic architecture and has had a leading role in establishing algorithm aided design education and research at the University of Oulu.

Lisa Voigtländer

Lisa Voigtländer

M.Sc. (Architecture)

Lisa Voigtländer graduated 2016 from Tampere University of Technology (TUT). Since autumn 2013 she is working at the Architecture office Österlund. Voigtländer started teaching the Digital design in urban Environments course 2016 at the Tampere University of Technology, which she was tutoring as an assistant of Österlund since 2013. Lisa Voigtländer graduated 2011 from the University of applied science Cologne in Germany with a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture and gained some experiences abroad during one Erasmus semester 2009 at Lund University in Sweden. Before her studies of architecture, she was working and learning the craftsmanship of furniture making. This strong connection to wood has influenced her studies and work ever since.