Exhibition pavilion for Liminganlahti Visitor Centre’s exhibition
The exhibition pavilion is a plywood construction for the exhibition ‘The eight seasons of a bird´s year’ at the Liminka Bay Visitor Center. The exhibition design was made by architectural office EST for Finnish Metsähallitus. The pavilion structure was designed and developed by Toni Österlund in collaboration with architectural office EST.

The form of the pavilion is based on the concept of goose breast and inside of it is a reconstruction of a typical sea man’s cabin. There is a viewing platform of the second floor and also children’s play area, called the bird’s nest. On the other side of the pavilion, there is a wall, resembling the appearance of cracked egg shell, where children can play a game using the recessed interactive screens. The exhibition is directed for younger audience and includes a lot of interactive elements. The pavilion was constructed to support that overall interactive idea.

The structure of the pavilion is CNC-milled 24mm lacquered plywood, fitted as approximately 1200x3600mm sized elements for transporting and construction reasons. The individual milled plywood pieces fit together by the corresponding notches on the horizontal and vertical pieces, making it an interlacing structure. The structure- and element joining techniques are innovative constructions developed just for this purpose.

The pavilion form and the structure were made using Grasshopper, a parametric design plugin for Rhino3D. All the joints and individual plywood pieces were generated using custom made algorithms and the resulting 3D model holds all the information needed for CNC-milling.


Architecture office EST
Toni Österlund