Article about DigiWoodLab in PUU|WOOD|HOLZ|BOIS magazine

Article about DigiWoodLab in PUU|WOOD|HOLZ|BOIS magazine

The Finnish PUU|WOOD|HOLZ|BOIS magazine presented the new DigiWoodLab project in 3/2013. The article text was written by Toni Österlund and Tuulikki Tanska. The article presented the pilot case study of the project, which is the diploma thesis of architect Tuulikki Tanska, titled: “Methods of Geometric Optimization in Architectural Design – Case: Sports center in Linnanmaa, Oulu”

DigiWoodLab is a project at the University of Oulu, Faculty of Architecture, to study and test the potential for Finnish wood architecture inherent in algorithm-aided design methods and computerised production. The project aims to develop structures and construction at the scale of public buildings, utilise new digital-design methods and the smart solutions enabled by them.

DigiWoodLab is funded by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and led by Professor Matti Sanaksenaho. The project team consists of Toni Österlund and Tuulikki Tanska. The development work is being carried out in teaching sessions, workshops, diploma theses and exhibitions.

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