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Seminar on mathematics & architecture

Seminar on mathematics & architecture

The departments of mathematical sciences and architecture are holding together a small seminar the deals with the use of mathematics in architecture. The reason for this seminar is to bring together the mathematicians and professions that apply math in their work.


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Mathematics in Industry Forum

There is a communication gap between mathematicians and scientists and engineers: mathematicians deal mostly with very abstract ideas without thought to their relation to the real world while engineers usually use rather classical mathematical (pre-1950).

To address this problem we propose a meeting place, forum, for mathema-ticians and engineers. The purpose is to establish connections and educate our counterparts on what our interests are, i.e.
What kind of questions constitute interesting mathematics, that re-search mathematicians consider worthy of study?

What kinds of questions are relevant to practitioners, and what form of answers do they expect?
Ideally, we will find questions which lie in the intersection of these two sets. The most important thing to start with is to get interested people in the same room discussing their problems and questions.

This idea was motivated by the recently launched Springer Journal of Mathematics in Industry, The journal can be consulted for ideas of what this research could be like.

April 16
What makes a problem mathematically interesting?
A discussion of the article
Geometric computing for freeform architecture
Wallner and Pottmann, Journal of Mathematics in Industry 1 (2011), no. 4.
After the presentation there will be preliminary group work on some problems.
(Department of Architecture, old part, room 10)

May 14
Current problems in contemporary architecture.
A presentation of some mathematically challenging problems from the Oulu Department of Architecture.
(Department of Mathematical Sciences, room M203)

For more info contact Peter Hästö or Toni Österlund.